Episcopal Bishops Decry Legislative Initiatives and Governmental Actions Targeting Trans Children and Their Families

Members of the Episcopal Church LGBTQ+ Caucus applaud the House of Bishops for reaffirming their 2022 statement supporting the transgender community. In the year since this statement was first issued, anti-transgender targeting has only increased — with the draconian legislation adopted in Tennessee as a most egregious recent example. Our bishops’ reaffirmation of their commitment to decry legislative initiatives and governmental actions targeting trans children and their families is a much needed Balm in Gilead for all those working to heal our nation and our church of the toxin of transphobia.

We are grateful for our bishops and their willingness to lead by both word and example as we strive together to become the Beloved Community God is calling us to be.

“In light of the baptismal covenant’s promise to see Christ in all persons, and the recent and any actions by elected officials in Texas, Alabama, Arizona, Idaho, Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, Missouri, Florida, Arkansas, Ohio, North Dakota, Mississippi, South Dakota, Nebraska, Indiana, South Carolina and any other states, municipalities, and school districts targeting transgender children and their families, we, the Bishops of The Episcopal Church gathered at Camp Allen, Texas, in March 2022, voice our love and continued support for all persons who identify as transgender or non-binary and their families. We decry legislative initiatives and governmental actions targeting trans children and their families. We urge all in our Church to create safe spaces and shield all people from harassment based on gender identity.”

reaffirmed by the Bishops of the Episcopal Church meeting in Alabama, March 2023

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