LGBTQ+ Caucus Urges Support for A063: “Director of LGBTIQ and Women’s Ministries

The LGBTQ+ Caucus joins with TransEpiscopal in strongly supporting Resolution A063 as substituted by Committee 16 — a resolution which creates a funded, full-time position at the Episcopal Church Center: “Director of LGBTIQ and Women’s Ministries.”

A063 is listed on the Friday, July 8 Consent Calendar — and the Caucus urges strong support for the adoption of A063 and strong resistance against any effort to remove it from the Consent Calendar.

As Episcopal News Service reported last week, a line for that position has been included in the budget voted on by the Committee on Budget, Program and Finance at $300,000 over the coming biennium. This position will bring much needed support to LGBTIQ and women’s ministries and programs in a systemic and coherent manner as they seek equity for women and other gender and sexual minorities.

You can read more on the background on A063 on the TransEpiscopal blog.

For more about the TEC LGBTQ+ Caucus, visit our website.

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