LGBTQ+ Endorsements for Elective Offices at #GC80

At its July 2, 2022 meeting, the LGBTQ+ Caucus adopted the following slate of endorsements presented by the Caucus Endorsement Committee. The Caucus endorsement process included prayerful consideration of the responses received to the questionnaire sent to the all the candidates for elected office, and the resulting endorsements come with deep gratitude to all who were willing to put their names forward in the service of the Church in these challenging times.

President of the House of Deputies:
Ø Julia Ayala Harris

Vice President of the House of Deputies
*No endorsement at this time, pending the outcome of the PHOD election.

Executive Council – Clergy:
Ø Charles Graves IV

Executive Council – Lay:
Ø Tivaun Cooper 
Ø William (Bill) Fleener 
Ø Scott Haight 
Ø Joe McDaniel Jr
Ø Sandra Montes

CPG (Church Pension Group)
Ø Amy Haynie
Ø John McCray-Goldsmith 
Ø Kevin Lindahl
Ø Brian N. Prior
Ø Anne Vickers 
Ø Sandye Wilson       

Court of Review 
Ø Laura Russell

General Board of Examining Chaplains 
Ø Rosalind Hughes

The LGBTQ+ Caucus is part of the continuing journey of the Episcopal Church to become the Beloved Community we are called to be. Our call is to work within the legislative structures of the church for the full inclusion of all the baptized in all the sacraments — and to proclaim the Good News of God’s inclusive love to the wider LGBTQ+ community as we work to dismantle oppression in all its forms.

One response to “LGBTQ+ Endorsements for Elective Offices at #GC80”

  1. […] am truly humbled to have received the endorsement of the LGBTQ+ Caucus for President of the House of Deputies. The LGBTQ+ Caucus is doing incredible […]


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