TEC LGBTQ+ Caucus applauds President Gay Clark Jennings for standing against anti-Transgender discrimination

On February 24, 2022 the Reverend Gay Clark Jennings — President of the Episcopal Church’s House of Deputies — issued a strong letter condemning the anti-Transgender policies advocated by the Governor of Texas and standing with members of the Trans Community.

From the letter:

The General Convention of the Episcopal Church first called for equal protection under the law for gay and lesbian people in 1976 with Resolution A071, and expanded the call for equal protection to include transgender people in 2009 with Resolution D012. Subsequent conventions have reaffirmed these calls, and passed numerous resolutions supporting the lives and ministries of transgender people in the church and the world

No matter where transgender children of God are under threat, the Episcopal Church must stand with them in love and solidarity. To ensure that we are a church in which vulnerable people are not only welcomed, but also protected, Episcopalians must respond with our voices, our votes and our prayers. 

Read the full letter here

Brava, President Jennings! We are grateful for your witness and for your allyship in the struggle.

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